Here you will find a list of routine services that we recommend for your pet and their prices!

Exams $80       Emergency Exam $130      Recheck Exam $50  Drop Off Exam/Work-In Appointment $100


Feline: FVRCP $52    Rabies $50      FELV $50

Canine: DHPP $50      Rabies $50      Intranasal Bordetella $50 (Injectable Bordetella Additional Cost)  Leptospirosis (4-way) $55       Lyme $55

Nail trim

Feline 30$

Canine (by weight): 0-25 lbs $30       26-49 lbs $35       50+ lbs $40

Anal Gland Expression: $35

FELV/FIV Retrovirus Snap Test (Feline only) $78

Heartworm Test $55        Heartworm Test + Tick Pathogen Screen   $70

Chem 10 & CBC Blood Panel: $200

Routine Fecal Flotation $70

Deworming (Pyrantel) $40 each dose

Microchip $55

This is a comprehensive list of the services we perform, some of which we are unable to give you an accurate estimate without an examination/assessment:

· Emergency and Critical Care

.  Internal Medicine and Surgery

· Specialist: Soft Tissue and Orthopedic Surgery, Ultrasound

· Digital X ray

- CT scan

- Fluoroscopy

· Laser Surgery

· Puppy and Kitten Care

· In Patient Hospitalizations

· Diagnostic Testing/Full In house Laboratory

· Dentistry/Teeth Scaling and Polishing

.Dental X-Rays

· Early Morning Drop-Off Service

· Spays and Neuter

· Vaccinations

· Micro chipping

· Parasite control

· Preventative care and wellness exams

· Dermatology

· Neurology

· Cardiology

· Prescription Diets

- Canine CCL Repair including extracapsular repair, tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO)

- Luxating Patella repair

- Simple fracture repairs

In sum, we believe that we are a special place for serving you and your pet. A few items that we are particularly proud of include:

Professional & highly trained staff, continuing education

Cutting edge in-house laboratory that provides rapid diagnostic results

Modern, comfortable facility with up to date equipment and technology
Specialist consultations in radiology, surgery, cardiology, Ultrasonography

- We offer local health certificates only. This service excludes Alaska and Hawaii.
- We apologize, but we cannot provide international health certificates at this time.


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IMPORTANT UPDATE NOVEMBER 2022: We will be closed on November 24th and December 25th for the holidays.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Dr. Tama Dr Lau and Dr Castilo and staff are great! Top notch vet! Always supportive, excellent vet care and true kindness. Thank you for helping our rescue dogs and all our own dogs! Thanks! Furry Friends Rescue"
  • "Everyone there is always friendly and professional. The only problem is the smell of the lobby. The critter in the corner really stinks and it's hard to wait in the lobby."
    Timj, San Jose
  • "Staff is always friendly and helpful. I only stopped by for flea medication but the front desk person was so nice and asked about Jack."
    Mariannez, Milpitas